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If you have found your way to this page, you are a skier looking for instructional tools to help you ski better (or learn new techniques). Al Hobart ? Alpine Racing R&DIf so, perhaps you feel something of what Al Hobart felt... disappointed with the instruction available to help people take advantage of "the shape ski revolution." Certainly as a ski coach at a world class ski racing academy who sees every day how easy it is to teach young athletes to carve racing turns on shape skis in strong stances, he was amazed how few of the recreational skiers that he sees on the hill are actually out there really carving their turns. When he first tried shape skis he said to himself "at last the ski manufacturers have made skis that can carve a whole GS turn." He was thinking, "Here's a chance to help the racers in my program leap ahead of the pack. We'll develop new approaches that bypass a lot of drills which teach people first how to skid and then how not to skid." He has developed some really new approaches to teaching carved turns. These approaches can transform the skiing of any athletic skier in a day. So, Al developed the "Carving Turns Made Easy" manual and video to help you learn those new approaches to transform your skiing. This instructional video gives Al's entire system for making what he calls the "gorilla turn" which is basic to learning on a flat, safe trail how to carve a turn the same way World Cup skiers carve. There is no information about racing, or skiing in gates, but all of the basic drills and what Al calls "polishing" drills are in that video. "Complete Carving Made Easy" teaches the quick turns needed on the mountain and in slaloms. It is updated to include the new shorter skis. It is called Complete Carving Made Easy because it does in fact contain material about carving both wide and narrow turns, and also material about carving in gates. The new "Complete Carving Made Easy" video includes some demonstration of how to make the basic gorilla turn but this section is just for people who haven't seen the first video. The explanation is not nearly as thorough. In fact to really get the full benefit from the second one, one should have seen the first. In summary, If you are starting out learning to ski shaped skis, all you need is the "Carving Turns Made Easy", manual and video. Then to advance to the quick short turns needed in gates and on the mountain on steeps or in moguls, use the second "Complete Carving Made Easy" video. If you have not used the "Carving Turns Made Easy" manual and video or are not making smooth carved turns, it is recommended that you get the original video and manual ("Carving Turns Made Easy") too. Or you can plan your advancement and order the combination package that includes both videos and the manual.