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Anatomy of a CamelBak

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What makes CamelBak® products the best way to stay hydrated? Here's a start... Drink More Often
Hands-Free Hydration™ means that your water source is always right there, no matter how technical the terrain. No reaching for a water bottle, no stopping, no taking your hands off your poles. Studies have shown that when fluids are more accessible, people tend to drink more frequently... and more water overall. Which is the key to staying hydrated. Carry More Water
CamelBak® systems allow you to carry more water, more easily. Try carrying this much using bottles!

50 oz/1.5 L system = 2 large water bottles
70 oz/2.0 L system = 3 large water bottles
Thermal Control Features
All of CamelBak's winter products come with their thermal control features, including an insulated bit valve cover and delivery tube. These features make CamelBak's winter line outstanding four-season performers by keeping your water warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So you can enjoy the added versatility of using their products not only for winter sports, but for cycling, hiking and many other year-round activities. Stay Cool
? Fully insulated to keep liquids cool for hours... more refreshing and easier for your body to absorb.
? Add ice through the new larger Screw Cap to be extra-cool. You Won't Even Know It's There
? Body-mounted systems carry water close to your center- of-gravity. The most efficient place to carry things. And you stay light and maneuverable on your skis, board or snowshoes.
? Cool, breathable fabrics mean that you won't even know that you're wearing it. Keep It Clean
Unlike water bottles, CamelBak systems keep your water far away from bacteria-breeding mud.