BootBurners - Snowshack Review

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We sent a pair of BootBurners to a ski patrol member at Sugarbush in Vermont. Here's the feedback: Got the BootBurners today ? totally disregarded the directions, like any good consumer would..and gave them a quick trial. Upshot is...these things are great. The only drawback is that the first couple of times you use them, they give off a certain amount of moisture, which they say dissipates over time. Until then, you do run the risk of getting moisture in your boot and ultimately winding up with a colder boot. HOWEVER, the average consumer would love the following features:
  • Easy to use
  • If they are driving an hour or so to the mountain, their boots would still be toasty warm when they get there. From the parking lot to the lodge the boots would stay warm (I?m going to double check this by heating them again and putting them in a boot, then putting the boot outside for a while ? it?s below freezing)
  • They smell ... Hate to say it... Yummy! Which would make your boots smell a lot better!
  • You will need a microwave, which might negate the mid-day use...but I think they would go great guns as Christmas gifts for the skier who ?has everything?... In other words, can I keep this pair?