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Grabber Heat Pack Hand and Foot Warmers are used in a wide variety of markets with the highest use in sporting goods particularly skiing and snowboarding. Additional markets Grabber serves include: Shipping, Motion Pictures, Arthritis & Raynaud's sufferers, and the medical industry to name a few. Uses extend beyond traditional uses. For example, many photographers use Grabbers to keep cameras warm so lenses don't fog.

As active supporters of "Leave No Trace" and participating members of SGMA, ORCA, Continental Divide Trail, and the Outdoor Conservation Alliance, GRABBER Performance Group has a great interest in protecting the outdoors. GRABBER donates many dollars each year to help preserve & protect the environment. In fact, each HEAT TREAT Warmer carries the Green Earth symbol to show their commitment to sound environmental and business practices.

If the heating time has not been completely used the process may be stopped by putting the Grabber warmers in an air tight container. Later they can be open again and the remaining heating time of the warmer may be used. When the Grabbers are unopened they have a shelf life of four years.

If used incorrectly, burns may occur. Return to Products

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