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We have had several phone calls regarding Hotronic batteries and chargers. These are some of the questions. Unequal Battery Charging in Older units:
The symptom is that one battery does not seem to charge fully or sometimes, charge at all. This can be noticed by battery life (one discharges more quickly) or that only one battery gets warm while charging. This has only been reported while using the older Hotronic chargers. These have only one lead from the transformer that then splits into two tails. The newer chargers have two leads from the transformer. The problem is that the batteries have become unbalanced and thus will not charge equally. We talked to Hotronic and they suggested the following: 1) Drain both batteries by connecting them to the footpads and leaving them on.
2) Charge each battery separately for about 5 hours.
3) Repeat the above cycle several times.
4) Then charge both batteries together for the full cycle of 10 hours. Note that overcharging will cut down on the shelf life of a charge very dramatically. The simplest way to solve this problem and prevent it in the future is to upgrade to the new Power Plus Charger and Batteries. See the special below. LED Stays on in ON Position:
The situation is that moisture has(had) probably seeped into the battery pack starting in the plug hole and then migrating along the male contacts to their base inside the pack. Sometimes it can take days if not weeks for moisture in this area to dissipate. Moisture typically enters into the plug hole of the battery pack when snow packs (even moderately) around the plug itself. Usually it melts during lunch and takes awhile after that to dissipate (as it has the length of the afternoon to migrate further into the pack). To go back to your previous page Click Here Return to Products

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