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ButtMuff Package ButtMuff has transferred you to Snowshack ( to purchase ButtMuff products. Snowshack provides secure online and toll-free telephone ordering (87-SNOWSHACK). In addition to the ButtMuff Products, Snowshack offers a wide selection of ski and snowsports accessories from major manufacturers including Rossignol and Salomon. We invite you to visit our Yardsale Page for some incredible specials such as Nordica Boot, Cargo and Ski bags for 50 - 60% off. With the Thermo-Shield 420 the BUTTMUFF™ warms, protects, and cushions cold, sore butts down to -40F degrees below. BUTTMUFF™ works great for almost any winter sport including Snowboarding, Skiing, Ice and Inline Skating, Snowmobiling, Skateboarding, Sledding, Roller and Ice Hockey, and Hiking.
ButtMuff Usage
The Thermo-Shield 420 cushion is easily hidden between the pants and the body providing a barrier against wet and cold conditions. Butt Muff is a great gift for all ages. Whether it is your first time down the hill or if you sit waiting to do a backside air off the half pipe, Butt Muff provides the ultimate in comfort. - WATERPROOF - LIGHT WEIGHT - BODY CONFORMING - NONRESTRICTIVE - INSULATING - NON SKIN IRRITANT - RESISTANT TO FUNGAL AND BACTERIAL GROWTH With this 3/8 of a inch thick pad you can sit naked on a block of ice all day and never feel the cold. Female/Child fit age 4-15 or a petite woman up to waist size 26 inch. Adult is up to size 42 inch waist with the enclosed belt. But if you use your own belt then there is no limit.