Customer Comments about KiD-SKi Teaching Aids

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Barbara Bjornson wrote us: "In fact, I used the ski leash on Saturday with my son Tommy, who is 7 1/2 and has a form of Pervasive Development Disorder and it was an unqualified success! I had delayed getting him started on this sport that the rest of the family is passionate about because I wanted to ensure that the experience was totally positive. And it was. He was paralleling down the hill as if he were born on skis! I was almost in tears, I was so grateful and happy that he can share this experience with the family. THANK YOU!!!" Ray wrote us: "The video was nice to view ahead of time. It reassured me as to how to use the apparatus." Kent wrote us: "We gave my 2 year-old son, Nicholas, skis and the Kid Ski system for Christmas this year. We went out in the back yard after breakfast Christmas morning and had about two hours of slide time using the tip lock and the H bar. He LOVED it. He kept saying "Can we do this LOTS more?" I just kept smiling and saying "Yes" I want to tell you that it has been my dream for a long time to teach my kids haow (sic) to ski. My dream came true on Christmas morning. I can not tell you how happy I am with your system. I was on top of the world. We are going out this weekend for his first "real" skiing. I will use the progression instructions faithfully. We have Nick, Megan who is 15 months, and my wife is pregnant with twin boys due in Feb. So, your products will get ALOT of use from our family. I will start Megan this Spring."