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Dave Sellers

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David Sellers, architect - designer - inventor. Long considered an innovative genius, David has created everything from portions of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York to America's favorite sled - The Mad River Rocket.

When not designing award winning homes, sports facilities, or public spaces, David can be found in Vermont zinging down Camel's Hump, Hunger Mt., or Roxbury Gap on his own invention. More often than not, he is followed by a long line of laughing neighborhood kids on Rockets of their own. Dave says about his sled:

"This product was invented to allow off trail and wilderness sledding for adults. The patent is related to our idea on how to steer around obstacles. It works great. Now the teenagers are doing flips, barrel rolls, 360's, and misc. stunts off small jumps they build using the rocket as a shovel. This is not for use on packed trails or ski areas and needs at least 3 inches of powder for control. In Vermont, Camel's Hump, and Hunger Mountain are typical targets for the explorer... you can use snowshoes to climb up and rocket down, tucking the snowshoes between your knees. The search is for natural half-pipes on the sides of mountains or hills where you rocket down the powder over the frozen stream bed. ...Eco friendly - no lift lines, no parking lots, no condos, no tree cutting, no sewage systems."

A revolutionary new sled designed for today's kids, adults, and athletes. Kneel on the soft knee pads, strap yourself in with the lap belt, and make it perform! The Mad River Rocket is the world's only sled that allows the rider to:

  • Carve turns
  • Stop safely
  • Perform stunts
  • Maneuver through glades
  • Glide through powder