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411 Getting Started

Item Number: SNW SU-04571

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Getting Started for Beginners is the first video of the First Step series. This is a video for someone who has never snowboarded. It teaches the very basics in a basic manner.

Getting Started For Beginners offers the viewer exactly what the title suggests. A lot of groundwork is packed into a first-timer's snowboarding experience that many experienced riders just don't expect. Getting Started For Beginners offers detailed descriptions and helpful visual instruction to inform beginners and prepare them to have fun on the hill. A great first experience can lead to a lifetime of fun snowboarding. The goal of The First Step Snowboarding series is to provide beginners with the tools they need to enjoy themselves and develop a passion for snowboarding that will motivate them to become life-long snowboarders.

Marc Frank Montoya, host of 411VM Snowboarding, pulls double duty as host of The First Step Snowboarding as well. MFM introduces several of snowboarding's top pros, who provide great tips for getting up and down the mountain. Female pro Megan Pischke teaches how to dress for success—picking the right clothes for the right conditions. Veteran pro, Kurt Wastell explains how to pick out the right board and bindings, while Pete Wurster explains how a snowboard is made at the Unity Snowboards factory.

Now that you've got what you need to get on the mountain, Sean Ebbinghaus instructs how get to the top. The chairlift can be an intimidating obstacle for a beginner, but Sean instructs how to get on and off with ease. After making it to the top of the mountain, Joe Curtes shows the way down with the perfect turn. It's not often that a beginner gets down the hill without a problem, so Kendall Whelpton dissects how to fall to avoid getting hurt. After mastering turning and falling, it's time to learn some tricks! Jeff Brushie gets the viewer started with a cornerstone trick—the ollie.

The First Step–Getting Started for Beginners is a great tool to make a beginner's first snowboarding experience a enjoyable and educational. The First Step team at 411 Productions is committed and passionate about introducing new snowboarders to the sport, and helping keep all snowboarders progressing and participating forever.


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