Fitting and Measuring Skis for SporTube Cases

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Note, most skis will fit in the single SporTube case (or two pairs in the double). The skis are NOT inserted the way you might think. Instead of having the bases of each ski facing each other, the skis are inserted with the top of each ski facing the top of the other ski (bindings facing each other, toe of one binding in between the toe and heel of of the other binding). Also, face the top of one ski towards the tail of the other - similar to the way shoes are packed in a box. Finally, try them with the bindings open and the bindings closed (boot in and boot out position but without the boots). The internal dimensions of the SporTube are shown in the product descriptions. To measure your skis to see if they will fit, do the following:

1) put them base to base as you would normally carry them and measure the widest points over the bindings- they may not fit this way but it's worth measuring to be sure.

2) position the skis so they are binding to binding (overlapped - toe of one binding fits between toe and heel of other binding) and the tip of one ski faces the tail of the other ski. This is how Sportube recommends you put the skis in the tube. Measure distance from base to base and compare those measurements to the internal measurements of the tube. Remember the ski brakes will be retracted so they don't count in the measurement.

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