Fitting Tall Bindings in a Single Ski Bag

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If you have a pair of skis with the newer type of bindings, you may find that they are too tall at the binding heel piece to fit in a single ski bag. To check this, we suggest you put the skis together as if they were going in the bag and measure the height from the top of one heel piece to the top of the other. Then compare it to the width (or diameter if it is round) of the bag. If it appears the bindings are too tall to fit into the bag, we offer the following suggestions:

  • See if the bindings are shorter in their "other" position i.e. closed if they are open.
  • Put your skis in the bag offset i.e. so that one binding is well ahead of the other. If it offsets enough so that the bindings do not overlap substantially, this should work.
  • Place the bindings heel to toe making sure that the bindings are not opposite each other and retry.
  • Turn the skis so that they are top of ski to top of ski i.e. the bindings touch the tops of the skis. This may require that you place them heel to toe so that the bindings are offset from each other and retry. The disadvantage of this is that extra clothing/padding may be needed to protect the skis in the bag. We normally put clothes in the bag anyway but you may not want to. If the above does not work, the simplest solution is to buy a double bag. A lot of people have done this.