Higher on the Mountain Review

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The following review is from Skiing Lifestyle Magazine.

"Higher on the Mountain Company"

Straight Up Films Sponsors: The North Face, Gore-Tex, Skiing Magazine.
Producers: Rob, Wric, and Adam DesLauriers.
Featuring: Jeremy Nobis, Sick Rick Armstrong, Scot Schmidt, Jay Nelson, Jim Zellers, Megan Pischke Setting-Alaska and Asia.
Highs: Sick Intro
Lows: None!!!

Great documentary of 6 passionate athletes. The movie brings out the fun and dangers in climbing and backcountry skiing. Higher on the Mountain is full of old school and new school tricks and styles, as well as vigorous climbs for the ultimate ride. "Follow the journey of discovery through fear, courage, revelation and survival." A must see film if you love the sport.