How To Use All the Features of the Rossignol PS21L Rucksack / Backpack

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Regarding attachment of skis to your pack, you have two options: 1) As you face the pack from the rear, you will notice a large webbing loop at the lower right. With the bases of your skis together, slide the tails of the skis through this loop until the heel piece of your bindings come in contact with the loop. Now lay the skis diagonally to the left across the pack and attach them with the Velcro loop in the upper left corner of the pack. This is the preferred method, however, it might not be ideal if you have to navigate narrow trails or couloirs. 2) As you face the pack from the rear, you will notice 2 webbing straps that run horizontally across the pack. These are actually a part of an elaborate compression system designed to help keep the bulk of your load closer to your center of gravity. They can also be used to attach skis to the pack. Unlatch the straps and open the compression panels lying them flat on the floor. Put one ski on its side with the base against the side of the pack so that the binding protrudes between the 2 fabric parts of the compression harness. Repeat this with the other ski. Now, re-latch the straps and cinch. You will need to secure the tips of the skis base to base using whatever is handy; duck tape, rubber bands, (Snowshack sells some nice) Velcro straps, etc. Also, you will find that this method is much easier with the pack already loaded. There are some other great feature in the PS 21L. Inside the main compartment you will notice a fabric bag that runs the entire length of the interior. This sack is designed to hold a hydration system, up to 70 ounces. There are lots on the market, Camelbak is the most famous, but they all work well. At the top of the pack there is a pass-through for the hydration system delivery tube and small Velcro tabs on the shoulder straps to attach the delivery tube on either side. The large mesh bag on the front of the pack is a handy place to stash items that you might need frequently during your trek. It is actually designed, however, to carry an avalanche shovel. The main blade of the shovel goes into the mesh bag and the handle is attached with the plastic rubber bungee hook just below the embroidered logo. If you do attach a shovel here, it is wise to do that before attaching skis. On either side of the pack, on the exterior of the compression panels, you will notice a set of loop holders with the Velcro loop at the top. These are to carry avalanche probes, or, they can also accommodate collapsible ski poles, one on each side. Other small pockets exist for you to use as you prefer. Inside the pack there is a lace loop with a plastic hook. This makes a handy place to attach your key ring so that you don't have to fish it out from the bottom of the pack.