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Packing a Ski Bag

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We have often been asked what is the best way to pack a ski bag and what are all the ties and pockets for inside and outside the bag. Following is information about packing a high end Rossignol Double Ski Bag. But it applies to many of the other bags.

The customer asked the question:

"Hello - I recently bought one of your deluxe double ski bags from ____, but I am not sure the proper way to pack the ski's and poles in the bag. There were no instructions with the bag, and this is the first ski bag I've ever owned. It is a long cylindrical bag, obviously enough, but it has a 'pouch' of sorts in the center. It is a tube within the bag that is padded and has elastic strings and tighteners (I don't know what they are called) at each side of the tube. It is almost like a powder skirt, being elastic at both sides. What is the best way to pack two pairs of ski's with bindings (already attached) and poles?"

The response is:

The bag you bought is designed to hold 2 sets of skis and poles. The "tube" in the center is to hold the poles. Load the tube with handles of each pair opposing. In other words, when loaded, you should see 2 handles and 2 baskets at each end of the tube. By the way, we call this tube the center divider. Now, load a pair of skis on either side of the center divider. Finally, use all of the extra space in the bag to carry ski specific clothes like underwear, socks, ski pants, hats, jackets, gloves, etc. There are two straps on the outside of the bag to compress the finished package. Also, one last trick. Before you check the bag at the airport, fasten the carry handles together at the bottom of the bag. This will reduce the chance of the carry handles being snagged in baggage handling equipment.