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We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service in the industry. Following are a few of the many customer quotes and reviews we have received. Although we have permission to use these in all cases, we do not identify the originators. And, if you wish to let us know how you feel (good and suggestions for improvement), please send e-mail to us. From Ashley in Knoxville, TN: I wanted to send an email in thanks to your great website and service. I am a first-time Snow Shack buyer and I have left as an extremely happy customer. I can't think of a single time where I have taken the time to send a thank you card &/or email for a shopping experience, so you can take that for what it's worth. I found your website through a google search for Rossignol. I am a lifetime Rossignol connoisseur and will continue to be. With that said, it is very hard to find Rossignol products outside of their ski's especially when you live in Knoxville,TN where skiing practically does not exist. Your website not only had the typical ski's,boots, travel bags, etc... but most importantly you carried a long line of clothing as well. I purchased 4 Rossignol products on your site and ordered next day delivery. I arrived home from work to find my products sitting on my front porch the following day. All products were properly wrapped along with a printed receipt. I can?t tell you how simply wrapping can leave a lasting impression on a web-buyer because it serves as a sense of ?newness?. Finally, I would like you to know that I will continue to visit the Snow Shack website to purchase all of my future ski products. From Tim R in Ridgefield, CT: We just ordered two ski helmets (GIRO) and one pair of goggles (Smith -- Anthem model). We saw all in a ski store this morning, but we have to say, your website and product info. gave us more product information on a three items than three young ski shop employees combined. From Lori C in Holbrook, NY: I just wanted to tell you that this was the first time I dealt with your company ( I ordered your lastpair of women's Elevation series Tubbs snowshoes ) And I couldn't have been happier. The customer service was beyond reproach and even though I ordered on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, I got them Wednesday. I really couldn't believe it. When you get the Tubbs snowshoe bags in ( that fit my shoes) , I will be ordering through you. From Megan in Independance, MO: Hi, I'm not really sure who I should direct this e-mail to, so I just decided to reply to my invoice. I wanted to thank your company for your wonderful shipping policy and prices. I recently decided to go skiing out west and realized I needed a case for my skis before flying with them. I started looking all over the web and found the SporTubes. Knowing that I would need to have it sent by a next day service, I paid a lot of attention to the shipping prices at the different online companies that I looked at. One of the reasons that I chose to purchase through Snowshack was because it was obvious that you are not trying to make money off shipping and handling. I really appreciate that and I know that I'll be very inclined to purchase more ski gear from you in the future because of it. You may not believe this but I was quoted four different prices for next day shipping. One site was an unbelievable $119, one was $45, one was $65, and your quote was $35. That's a pretty incredible difference! My SporTube arrived on time and I'll be ready to fly out on Monday. It was amazing. I ordered it around noon yesterday and here it is by 10:30 am today! Thank you for the excellent service!!! I'll be sure to recommend your site to my friends and family. :-) From Joe in Chester, OH: Just a note to say thanks. I am a first time customer and I am very impressed with your sales, customer service and timely delivery. Nice job with this transaction. From Dave in San Francisco: I have recommended your site, to many of my ski friends, and hope they continue to use your site, for there (sic)friends,you are very competitively priced, with the ski industry itself. And I hope in the future, many of my ski friends will use your site, your products are great. From Dan in Georgetown, IN: To all, good afternoon, It's rare to work with a company that has the level of outstanding personal-care customer service that your company has. - Your website has easy to find customer service links, is updated frequently and is very easy to use - People actually read the notes on orders - Response to emails and orders is faster than any company I've ever dealt with - Your 800 number doesn't have 9 layers of choices and wait time is non existent - You anticipate customer's needs and take care of them before being asked - You contact customers to make sure you understand their concerns to avoid confusion - Your staff are down to earth, and easy to work with (especially Dave) - Finally, your helmets are as superb as your service In short, I am amazed at your company's outstanding service and will highly recommend it to other patrollers and friends. From Kim in Canada: Hey Snowshack, Just a note to thank you for great service! I ordered snowshoes as a gift and got them (by mail) all the way up here in Canada in time for Christmas. Thanks Guys! Kim From Roger in LaJolla, CA: Hi Dave- The whole process of working with your company and it?s web site has been a pleasure. Especially how you handled the problem. Although everything is not yet complete it has been easy to pursue solutions and communication has been incredible. I?m no expert but my raving about the whole experience should bring customers and I will be a long term one. Please make sure the web master knows the good news. From Melissa in Portland, OR: Hi Dave- I am always skeptical when I purchase things online because I worry that the picture or description may not match up to my expectations when I see it in real life. Because my helmet was priced so reasonably, I was concerned about the quality. I also wanted to receive my product in a timely manner since I needed to use it right away. I contacted a sales rep and was told that if all went well the delivery should be prompt. To my satisfaction, I was pleased with not only the product, but with the service as well. It was nice to know that even though it was an internet transaction--you could still talk to a live person. I will definitely shop with them again. From Knut in Seattle, WA: Hi Dave- Just want to write you back to thank you for providing us with such prompt and helpful service in sending us a kids helmet for our son. Our son had been in a tubing accident and broken some bones in his face even though he had been wearing a helmet. In order to go on a vacation to Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho, we needed to provide his face with more protection, but could not find a proper kids helmet with a face guard in the entire Seattle area. Here is where Snowshack came to the rescue. Found you on the internet. Great website that enabled us to find a Boeri helmet that just met our needs. It gave us excellent info regarding sizing and other questions that we had. And here's the amazing part. We ordered the helmet over the phone just before we left on our trip at 11 AM Pacific time (2 PM Eastern). As we were finishing up breakfast the next day at our hotel at this ski area in remote northern Idaho, the UPS truck pulls up with the helmet, less than 24 hours after placing the order! Snowshack and UPS, thanks for saving our ski vacation! From Ethel in Chestertown, MD: SnowShack came through for us - they had the merchandise we needed at a good price (less than the other big name merchant we had checked). The items were in stock and even though we ordered using regular ground shipping, we received our merchandise in just 3 business days. This is the second time we have ordered from SnowShack and we have been completely satisfied both times. We will definitely order from SnowShack again! And when asked if we could use her quote, she replied: You are welcome to use it - it's all true!!! We were extremely satisfied and will most definitely recommend SnowShack to our friends. From Sandra in Shelburne Falls, MA Had an iisue (sic) with an order that I thought was going to be difficult to exchange. George in Customer Service really understood my concerns and provided mw with the service and e-mail feedback to those concern within a very quick response time. With this service from George, I will DEFINITELY purchase from Snowshack in the future. I have also told friends who are avid outdoor sports people about my positive experience with George and the Snowshack products I have purchased. From Stephen in Grand Island NY I recently purchased ski base layer apparel from SnowShack. I selected SnowShack because of the excellent customer service which I have received from them in the past. This transaction fully matched the expectations founded in my previous experience as their customer. The price for the items which I ordered was the best I had found among the various sources which I had checked. I was immediately informed of the receipt of my order and promptly advised of the shipment date and expected date of delivery. I was extremely satisfied with the timeliness of all phases of this purchase and the courteous treatment throughout the process. Without reservation, I highly recommend SnowShack to anyone who is looking for quality winter sports equipment and accessories, great service and great price. SnowShack is outstanding in all three categories.