Removing or Changing Baskets

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To go back to your previous page Click Here There are three possible methods that will work. But first make sure the basket is not a screw-on screw-off type. To get the non mounted baskets off of the holder, break the holder. You can twist the two baskets apart, pry them apart, or squeeze with a pair of pliers. To remove a basket from the pole:
1) Put the pole upside down with a vice holding the shaft loosely, the basket resting on the jaws of the vice. Then take a piece of wood and place it over the tip and bang on the wood with a hammer. 2) Placing the tip on a piece of wood with the pole in an upright position. Place a pair of pliers over the basket and tap on the pliers until the basket comes loose. 2) Boil some water in a pot. Remove from heat and submerge pole with basket attached for about a minute. Remove will be hot, do not touch it! Place pole shaft between soles of your sneakers on top of the basket and pull the shaft upward. The heat should have made the plastic malleable and easier to remove. If this does not work, the basket can be cut off with a strong pair or snippers/scissors. This method should work for all baskets in all models of poles. To go back to your previous page Click Here