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"If you liked 'Hot Dog: the Movie', then these guys are Hot Dog: the Band! A must-have for every die-hard skier's music library." - Shane McConkey, Ski-World God

"This album rocks! It makes me want to get out on the hill and ski naked. For any one who loves skiing as much as i do this album kicks ass!" - Brad Holmes, World renowned skier & Film Director

"This album got me fired up for winter and left me rockin' with laughter. No other CD can get you quite as pumped and stoked for skiing like Eric T. & the Skis. If you're a skier, listen up!" - Jenn Berg, Ski Goddess featured in Warren Miller's IMPACT

"It is due to inspirational musical groups such as Eric T & the Skis, that people quit their stressful jobs, move to the mountains and pursue a better way of life for the sake of humanity, good clean living and loving." - Uncle E, Infamous Sports Commentator and Personality

"Eric T. & Skis' Ski Patrol Revisited harkens back to a wilder era of skiing--when the hair, boards, and nights were long, and skiers were more into living a carefree dream than looking cool. When the grooves and true-to-life lyrics seep into your head, you'll feel you're hanging out with Dan O'Callahan, Squirrel Murphy and Harkin Banks with nothing on your mind beyond ripping the mountain and having fun." - Scott Gaffney, Award winning cinematographer & filmmaker (Focused, Ski Movie, 1999, There's Something About McConkey)