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Following are some guidelines to help you choose the right sized SWANY Glove or Mitten. Unless you are a racer and want the tightest fit possible while still maintaining movement, gloves allow a fair amount of latitude. Below are some guidelines that will help you pick the right size. We suggest you factor in your individual comfort level i.e. if you are right on the top edge of a size and like a loose fit for more warmth, you may want to go to the enxt larger size.

There are several ways to estimate your size: Adult Measurement Chart:
To figure hand size, wrap tape measure (Tailoring rule) around the knuckles of your hand and then form a fist (exclude your thumb). The tape measure should be a little loose. The number of inches is the numeric hand size.


Sizing based on age:
5 - 6 Small
7 - 8 Medium
9 -10 Large
11 - 12 Xlarge


Sizing based on age:
1 - 2 Small
3 - 4 Medium

Printing the SWANY Sizing Chart The SWANY sizing chart is designed to be printed on your printer and then used to measure the glove size needed. If you like a looser fitting glove and are right on a size, we recommend that you go one size larger. Click here to open the SWANY Sizing Chart. This chart is in Adobe PDF format and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to Print it. This reader is free from Adobe. To download it Click Here

A few notes about printing:
When you print, make sure that the page is NOT RESIZED to the paper size by either shrinking or expanding the page. PAGE SCALING should be set to None. A men's small is about equal to a women's large EXCEPT it is slightly wider. The finger lengths are approximately the same.