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Greetings from SnowShack and welcome to our Ski Club Page. We've got one thing to say to you: SnowShack is pro-ski club! Get discounts on purchases or earn cash back for your club. To learn more, read on.

If your ski club has a web page, you need to know about SnowShack's Ski Club Partner Program.

SnowShack Ski Club Partner Program

The SnowShack Ski Club Partner Program is designed to allow your club to get cash back on club member's purchases or allow club members to get discounts from our online store.

It's very simple:

  • You make the decision whether to give your members a 10% discount or whether to get 8% cash back for your club. If you want the discount for your members, please do the following:
  • Please send us an e-mail to skiclub1@snowshack.com with the address of your website and contact information. We will then send you a special URL to be used for the link to our site. Your club members must come from your site using this link to qualify for the discount. The 10% discount will be applied automatically to any orders from members coming from your site.
  • You put up a link on your web site that includes a brief description of our store. You must use the special URL we provide for the link. By using this special URL, your club members will automatically get the discount and you can track your members purchases as well. We'll even provide a logo and description that you can use. (This is not required but the more obvious the link, the more people will use it.) If you want the 8% cash back, please see the details of our partners program. This program is administered by Commission Junction. 8% earnings for your club or a 10% discount for your members -- you can't beat it!

    For full details, see the SnowShack Partner Program Operating Agreement.