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What Customers Say About BootGlove

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Snowshack received this unsolicited from Stewart Strauss ""
- "I purchased the 'Boot Gloves' and 'Mittens' from you. I've had them for a week now and they are great. I work on the mountain at Heavenly, as a 'Mountain Host'. I stand at the top of lifts without much activity. For the first time this season, when it's cold, my toes have not gone numb. I've been asked by many employees and guests about the product and it seems to me we will be seeing many more 'Boot Gloves' on the hill by next season. Thank you" "The ski patrol is really pleased with the warmth the Boot Gloves provide. We spend all day outside and before using the Boot Glove our feet would get cold. With them, we are warm all day. We really recommend them for preventing cold feet."
Don Keill, Director Moose Mountain Ski Patrol Fairbanks, Alaska "Working with students all day, I can't afford the discomfort of cold feet. With my Boot Gloves I can stay warm and focused on my students."
Dan Bockleman Ski Masters Ski School Snoqualmie, Washington "All it took was for the top private instructor here in Sun Valley, John Crews, to be wearing a pair and all his students and the other instructors were streaming in to the shop to get a pair for themselves" "Cliff Cunha who runs the race dept. started sending in all his master's racers to get a pair. Cliff said the BootGloves have saved his feet on those +15 to 10 below days."
Janet Crews Wolf Ski Company Ketchum, Idaho "My feet are simply warmer easily. Thank you! Thank you!"
Bobby Geiger Seattle, Washington "Keeps my feet warm on cold days."
A.B. Miller, 46 Mechanic Ogden, UT "Simple, effective, cheap."
A. Nitta Office Manager Manhattan Beach, CA "Easier to put over ski boots than the boot gators I currently own, and they keep the snow and wind from contacting the boots."
L.D. Dinning Ski Instructor Nubs Nob Resort, MI "Warm / easy to fit over boot."
D.Brandt Fitness Trainer Rancho Palos Verdes, CA "Toes no longer become numb during days skiing. Much easier than dealing with an electric boot heating device."
D. McCarty Airline Pilot Littleton, CO "Even with my boot heaters, my toes can get cold because of poor circulation from boots being buckled down. With BootGlove, I hardly even turned the heaters on, and even clamped my boots tighter - no cold feet!"
L. Anderson Public Relations Palos Verdes Estates, CA "Warmth, easy on & off, not bulky or dweeby looking. Definitely keeps forefoot warm, dry , for those with leaky gaskets seals that eliminates 'Duct taping'."
R. Kane Ski Bum Dover, NH "They work! Easy to strap on & pack. No batteries to recharge. Unobtrusive looking (though I had other skiers and operators asking about them). Finally a product which keeps my feet from turning PURPLE & STIFF by lunch. I have $200 boot heaters which NEVER worked properly. These are very well priced, too."
M. Rathbun Homemaker Thousand Oaks, CA "They keep your feet warm without inhibiting your ability to ski. This allows you to perform at your optimum level."
G. Smith Skier Whistler, B.C. "It works! Now create something to keep my fingers warm!"
D. Stern Pharmacist Anaheim Hills, CA