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Read one reviewer's comments about Briko. Why Briko.... Ripping the gates up like Tomba? Tearing up the cliffs, steeps & drops like ace freeskier, JT Holmes? Or making the flawless turns of PSIA Demo Team members Megan & Katie Harvey. All these skiers have one thing in common-­ they strut their stuff while wearing Briko helmets! These skiers and other professional skiers like them trust their safety to Briko when it comes to headwear. With production located in Italy, Briko is able to utilize the immense resources and history of design that the Italian design industry is noted for. In fact the wind testing done on Briko helmet is done in the same wind tunnel that Ferrari uses! But helmets arenıt all about going fast. They're about comfort, fit and safety. If a helmet doesnıt fit well, you probably won't wear it. If it's not comfortable, itıs that much easier to leave it in your bag rather than deal with a headache all day. Briko helmets employ some of the lightest, strongest materials available for their outer shells. This external cap offers the first layer of protection. Below that, they use a combination of polystyrene foams to allow use to use a dense, but light material to shape the mold ­ matching it to the most common head shape. The last major layer is the fabric and padding that come closest to your skin. Since you loose most of your body heat through your head ­ this is a key layer when it comes to comfort. The wicking fabrics offer quick drying comfort in a lightweight, hypoallergenic fabric. Combine the above factors with a solid, easy to use clasp system, anatomic roll block (keeps the helmet from tipping forward over your face!) and generous ear space, and you have a helmet that anyone can be comfortable wearing,­ from first timers to pros! Briko has set the standard for helmet comfort, quality and safety for decades. Isn't it time you treated yourself to the best?